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  • Initially we planned about NABH accreditation in 2008(?) but kept on hold.

  • In 2010 we started to implement this process in our organisation. Through this journey we gained improvement in various departments especially in facility maintenance including fire safety and STP.

  • Tracking, monitoring and updation of legal requirements.

  • These initiatives taught us to write all our policies, standard operating procedures, manuals and other necessary documentation.

  • Orientation, induction and in service education including mock drills for emergency preparedness.

  • Various committees (Safety committee, Quality committee, Pharmaco- therapeutic committee etc.,) were formed and which helped us to improve efficiency of different teams like CPR, infection control etc.,

  • This enhances patients, patients families and staff safety.

  • Empowerment of above is also being encouraged through display of rights and responsibilities of patients and employees.

  • Prominent signages in appropriate locations are guiding well all patients, patient families and visitors.

  • The hospital is providing quality multispecialty care which is economical to the local population. Over the last 5 yrs, quality indicators are monitored and presented in monthly CQI meetings. Issues like medication errors and hospital acquired infections are discussed transparently, corrective and preventive action is taken.

  • Maintenance of patients medical records both in and out patients is done as per MCI guidelines. The hospital has systems in place for maintaining confidentiality, integrity and security of records, data and information.


Our organisation is the first accredited hospital in Seemandhra by National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Health care provider (NABH) in 2012 by undergoing periodical assessments. We got reaccredited in 2015.We got reaccredited again in Sep 2018 followed by Desktop Assessment during June 2020.

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