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Admission and Discharge Process


At Nagarjuna Hospital we try to ensure a smooth process of admission into the hospital. The admission is systematic and involves the following steps :

  • As soon as you are registered you will be given a MRD number which is unique for you for life time.

  • Initial assessment by consultant who asks for admission after after discussion with you.

  • Room allotment is done after consents are obtained written approval from you is taken regarding the tariff if you are self paying.

  • Advance and payment for services will be collected as per guidelines.

  • If you are a eligible to cash less service you will be directed to respective desk.

  • You will be escorted to your allotted bed .

  • If you need any services prior to going room ex ; pre admission investigations , our front desk will guide you.



  • Discharge process starts with consultants order for discharge.

  • We aim to complete the discharge process with in 4 Hrs of discharge order from the consultant on the day of discharge.

  • You will be given a detailed discharge summary which includes final list of medicines you need to take confirmed by the consultant, advise about diet, review appointment. special needs at home as perceived by the medical team etc.

  • Medicines required their dosage and other instructions to be followed at home will be explained to the patient by the nurse in-charge.

  • We advice you to have an attendant with you on the day of discharge so that they would be informed about the do’s and dont’s , health education and self help techniques.

  • Before leaving the hospital ensure that you take all your belongings and personal items .

  • Please make note of the phone numbers of the persons to whom you can contact if you need help.

  • Make a note of everything that you should do before leaving the hospital

  • Before leaving the hospital ensure that all your belongings and personal

  • Please pay all outstanding bills and don’t forget to take a receipt.

  • Please don’t forget to give feed back as it helps us to improve services further






Nagarjuna Hospital encourages family and friends to visit and give support to the patient .

We believe that it enhances recovery of patient.


Visiting Hours :


11.00 AM 12.00 PM

4.00 PM to 06.00 PM


Suggestions for visitors and attendants :

  1. Only one attendant is allowed to stay in the room .

  2. Children below 12 yrs are not allowed to visit.

  3. Please avoid crowding in the room by visiting the patient one after the other.

  4. Please maintain safe distance and wear your mask.

  5. Please don’t touch patient’s open wounds or medical equipment in the room.

  6. For safety of patients in the ICU more restricted visitors policy is in place.




Patient’s Rights and Responsibilities




  • Access to care

  • To know the provider of care

  • To receive respect and dignity from from hospital staff

  • To know the severity and management of pain

  • To know information / to get educated

  • To know the expected cost and charges

  • To give consent before procedure

  • To refuse treatment

  • To complain and give suggestions

  • To maintain confidentiality of treatment

  • For transfer and for continuity of care

  • Personal safety and security

  • To communicate

  • Special preference to spiritual and cultural needs

  • Right to information about health care needs

  • To have privacy during examination

  • To raise a grievance on negligence or abuse

  • To seek additional opinion regarding clinical care

  • To have access to clinical records

  • To get information on care plan, progress and treatment


Responsibilities :


  • Respect and consider fellow patients and staff

  • Follow doctors instructions

  • Treat doctors and nurses with respect

  • Be on time for appointments

  • Follow doctors instructions

  • Treat doctors and nurses with respect

  • Be on time for appointments and inform if they are unable to keep up.

  • Provide accurate information about health.including present and past illness.

  • Payment of bills on time as per hospital’s policy

  • Not to smoke or consume alcohol in the hospital campus.

  • To follow the hospital rules including attendants, visiting hours and conduct.

  • To take care of their valuables

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