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About Us


Our mission is to provide safe, effective, efficient, timely, affordable and patient centered medical care


  • To become the most preferred health care provider of primary, secondary and tertiary health care in the region.

  • To ensure continuous updating of structure and processes so as to be ‘state of the art’ at any given time.

  • To ensure our health care outcomes offer “ultimate protection to valuable lives” at all times


  • Respect & Dignity

  • Quality Care

  • Team Work

Service Standerds 

  • Billing as per tariff

  • Response to feed back

  • Training of employees

An overview of
Nagarjuna Hospitals


The city of Vijayawada has a population of 1.5million. This is the cultural, educational and financial center for Andhra Pradesh state, the agriculture heart land of Krishna & Godavari delta. Nagarjuna Hospital, situated in this city, is a 140 beds specialty hospital located in spacious premises of 4.5 acres. The hospital has excellent infrastructure incorporating state of the art medical technology supported by a team of experienced consultants, medical officers and qualified nurses. Nagarjuna is a tertiary referral center for medical gastroenterology, surgical gastroenterology, respiratory medicine, intensive care medicine, advanced orthopedic surgery including joint replacement, comprehensive trauma care, nephrology, urology, neurology, neuro surgery, pediatric surgery and plastic surgery. Basic specialties such as general medicine, general surgery, obstetrics& genecology are also provided. Mechanical ventilation, therapeutic endoscopy, digital endoscopy, neuro vascular surgery, joint replacement surgery and major surgical gastroenterology procedures were initiated by Nagarjuna and continued relentlessly.


The London connection

In spring 1987, 7 Indian doctors met in London and discussed about the need for an emergency care hospital in Vijayawada. People from Andhra Pradesh state districts had to travel to Hyderabad or Chennai for specialty care. Many emergencies never managed to reach the far away hospitals. The decision was taken to start a speciality hospital in Vijayawada. It was also decided to create a healing atmosphere in a spacious campus. Giving priority to medical services, keeping the cost of hospitality services to a minimum and making the facilities available even to low socio economic classes was the main aim.  The hospital is now owned by Nagarjuna Hospitals Limited, an unlisted public limited company.  Most of the share owners are clinicians and their family members who are living in India and abroad.


Medicine 1992, Vijayawada

Vijayawada has a rich medical heritage. The age old Bezawada medical association was the pioneer of continuing medical education in the city. The 1st team of Nagarjuna doctors recollects that in early 90’s, before Nagarjuna Hospital was started, people had to travel 300 kms for specialist medical care and emergency care to other cities. None of the private hospitals accepted medico legal cases such as poisoning and road traffic accidents. The only blood bank operated during day time and the blood was collected from professional donors. No proper mechanical ventilation facilities in the ICU’s setting were available in the region. It used to be difficult to do even electrolyte estimation and ABG.  Some of the lifesaving procedures such as therapeutic endoscopy for acute GI bleeding, temporary pacing for complete heart block, central venous line placement etc., were not available.  Other services like ERCP, pancreatico biliary surgery, joint replacement surgery, orthopaedic surgery using image intensifier, cerebro vascular surgery were also not available. The 1st recognized blood bank in the city was started in Nagarjuna. The hospital acquired two image intensifiers, one for orthopaedic & neuro surgical use in the operation theatre complex and the second one for radiology & gastroenterology. Nagarjuna started most of the services and continued to provide them on a regular basis over the years. The services of the Nagarjuna Hospital are utilized by many insurance and other corporations.


NABH Accreditation

Nagarjuna Hospital was awarded accreditation from National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & and Health care providers (NABH) which is a prestigious accreditation body for hospitals in India, in 2012.  NABH is a prestigious accreditation body for hospitals in India and abroad. The accreditation was given in recognition of the systems and processes of the hospital which are in perfect consonance with the best health care practices followed around the world. This gives a major boost to the healthcare industry in the region. Nagarjuna is the 151st hospital in the country and 1st hospital in Central Andhra & Rayalaseema to achieve NABH accreditation.

Accreditation from NABH is a public recognition for quality care and services rendered by the organization. It gives healthcare organizations an opportunity to benchmark with best practices globally and to provide high quality of care that matches international standards, excellent patient satisfaction, treatment outcomes and continuity of care.


  • Advanced medical laboratory

  • X-Ray machine with image intensifier .

  • Ultra sound machine

  • Endoscopy ( gastro, colon, and bronchoscopy equipment.)

  • Duodenoscopy for ERCP

  • Trans nasal upper GI endoscopy.

  • Endoscopic Ultra sound.

  • CT scan available in the campus ( Managed by AOI )

  • Mammography available in the campus ( Managed by AOI )

  • Laparoscopy equipment

  • Image intensifier in OT.

  • Modern modular OT.

  • Modern Anaesthesia work stations.

  • Haemodialysis machines

  • Mechanical ventilators

  • Non - invasive ventilation




  • Access to care

  • To know the provider of care

  • To receive respect and dignity from from hospital staff

  • To know the severity and management of pain

  • To know information / to get educated

  • To know the expected cost and charges

  • To give consent before procedure

  • To refuse treatment

  • To complain and give suggestions

  • To maintain confidentiality of treatment

  • For transfer and for continuity of care

  • Personal safety and security

  • To communicate

  • Special preference to spiritual and cultural needs

  • Right to information about health care needs

  • To have privacy during examination

  • To raise a grievance on negligence or abuse

  • To seek additional opinion regarding clinical care

  • To have access to clinical records

  • To get information on care plan, progress and treatment

Responsibilities :

  • Respect and consider fellow patients and staff

  • Follow doctors instructions

  • Treat doctors and nurses with respect

  • Be on time for appointments

  • Follow doctors instructions

  • Treat doctors and nurses with respect

  • Be on time for appointments and inform if they are unable to keep up.

  • Provide accurate information about health.including present and past illness.

  • Payment of bills on time as per hospital’s policy

  • Not to smoke or consume alcohol in the hospital campus.

  • To follow the hospital rules including attendants, visiting hours and conduct.

  • To take care of their valuables






Nagarjuna Hospital encourages family and friends to visit and give support to the patient . We believe that it enhances recovery of patient.


Visiting Hours


11.00 AM 12.00 PM

4.00 PM to 06.00 PM

  • Suggestions for visitors and attendants : 

  • Only one attendant is allowed to stay in the room .

  • Children below 12 yrs are not allowed to visit.

  • Please avoid crowding in the room by visiting the patient one after the other.

  • Please maintain safe distance and wear your mask.

  • Please don’t touch patient’s open wounds or medical equipment in the room.

  • For safety of patients in the ICU more restricted visitors policy is in place.


  • Admission and Discharge Process



  • At Nagarjuna Hospital we try to ensure a smooth process of admission into the hospital. The admission is systematic and involves the following steps :

  • As soon as you are registered you will be given a MRD number which is unique for you for life time.

  • Initial assessment by consultant who asks for admission after after discussion with you.

  • Room allotment is done after consents are obtained written approval from you is taken regarding the tariff if you are self paying.

  • Advance and payment for services will be collected as per guidelines.

  • If you are a eligible to cash less service you will be directed to respective desk.

  • You will be escorted to your allotted bed .

  • If you need any services prior to going room ex ; pre admission investigations , our front desk will guide you.

  • Discharge



  • Discharge process starts with consultants order for discharge.

  • We aim to complete the discharge process with in 4 Hrs of discharge order from the consultant on the day of discharge.

  • You will be given a detailed discharge summary which includes final list of medicines you need to take confirmed by the consultant, advise about diet, review appointment. special needs at home as perceived by the medical team etc.

  • Medicines required their dosage and other instructions to be followed at home will be explained to the patient by the nurse in-charge.

  • We advice you to have an attendant with you on the day of discharge so that they would be informed about the do’s and dont’s , health education and self help techniques.

  • Before leaving the hospital ensure that you take all your belongings and personal items .

  • Please make note of the phone numbers of the persons to whom you can contact if you need help.

  • Make a note of everything that you should do before leaving the hospital

  • Before leaving the hospital ensure that all your belongings and personal

  • Please pay all outstanding bills and don’t forget to take a receipt.

  • Please don’t forget to give feed back as it helps us to improve services further

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